Chapter 14. Future Avionics

14.4. Surveillance

Further development of the systems of supervision envisages development of infrastructure of conception of automatic dependent supervision of ADS - B, functioning of that on the whole depends on certain terms:

-to the presence onboard each Aircraft necessary equipment of ATRSB Mode S or UAT; -distribution of the stations of differential amendments of GNSS for the increase of exactness of position-fix Aircraft; -constructions of the ramified network of the surface receiving stations.

The information got from the systems of ADS - B, allows to give up the use of the secondary radiolocation stations and provide information about air motion above an ocean surface and in remote mountain regions.

Fig. 205. Principle of functioning of Multilateration System

By a transitional link to the systems of ADS - B is ( Multilateration System - MS) of airports. The system consists of the determined amount of the stations of acceptance of the data from ATRSB Mode S, stirred in the zone of airport. Due to taking of signals over one source of data many transceivers are determine the differences of time-of-flight of signals from a side equipment to surface part. This information sufficiently MS for determining the exact location Aircraft. Multilateration system use hyperbolical principle of determination of coordinates Aircraft (Fig. 205).

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