Chapter 14. Future Avionics

14.5. Aeronautical Information Management

The development of modern systems of digital data provides a basis for building distributed information networks aeronautical purposes. All of that called Aeronautical Information Management. Modern digital aeronautical networks allow to create a single, global information environment, through which the pilot during flight can get the necessary information for a few seconds.

The issue of collecting and distributing Aeronautical Information Service is engaged in aeronautical information provision (Aeronautical Information Service - AIS). The majority of data available information character on paper that does not meet the requirements of today. The gradual transition from paper format to digital dissemination of information allows full access to change your data.

International organization Eurocontrol launched and dynamically developing publicly available information exchange (System Wide Information Management - SWIM). SWIM is a part of Aeronautical Information Management. The concept of SWIM allows you to place a huge amount of data, its relevance track and manage information flow [54]. Users interested in a particular information gets access to it for a few seconds while being in any place on the planet.

The network of SWIM touches many the constituents of SESAR and allows to unite data for the acceptance of the most correct decision of certain problems, optimally to plan the trajectories of flight, take into account the new models of construction of air space and give access to all aeronautical information.

General conception of construction of SWIM is shown on Fig. 206. SWIM unites the different types of information [83; 84]:

  • aeronautical information;
  • flight information;
  • meteorological information;
  • information about air motion;
  • information from surface services of airports;
  • information from the systems of supervision.

Free access to this information is provided for all interested in her. SWIM is the important constituent of the aeronautical providing, as allows to satisfy the necessities of informative character and promote realization of the state of air space around Aircraft, that on the whole influences on safety of air motion.

Fig.206. Principle of construction of conception of SWIM
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