Introduction to AVIONICS

Aviation and electronics are so closely related. It is hard to imagine modern aircraft without engine, plane without appliances. Electronic tools provide the operation of all units and aircraft systems, navigation, flight coordination and control of all aspects of the movement.

Any equipment of modern civil aircraft is guided and controlled by electronic devices. Take-off, flight on route and landing is performed using a number of different electrical systems. Electronic equipment ensures functioning of the air transport system.

AVIONICS or Aviation Electronics?

The term "avionics" is derived from two words "aviation" and "electronics", which literally means any electrical equipment used in aeronautical engineering (Fig. 1) [21]. However, in the aviation literature this term used to refer electronic equipment placed on board only [50].

For the first time the term "avionics" used in early 1950 in the US [50] for electronic on board of aircraft. The analogue of term "avionics" in Russian journals of Soviet period can be considered the term "on board electronic equipment of airships." Both terms are used, according to the authors, to refer to the same equipment.

Is posible Avionics use for spacecraft?

In general now, the term "avionics" has many definitions and applications. Other dictionaries differently interpreted it. For example, the vast majority of modern electronic dictionaries [40; 42; 61; 69] "avionics" term serves as the science and technology related to electronic systems and devices used in aviation and space industry. This interpretation is based on the fact that avionics of the spacecrafts has much in common with the principles of operation of aircraft (AC) or the result of improving existing systems of AC.

In this tutorial, the term "avionics system" shall mean any system available on board of AC, depending on the need of electricity for its operation.

AVIONICS training course materials represented only in demonstrative mode. If it useful, all grammar mistakes will be corrected and more documents will be added. Let me know if you interest in avionics.
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