Chapter 11. Displays

11.4. Antonov EFIS concept

The aircraft An-148 uses a complex system of electronic indication (Fig. 161).

Fig. 161. The complex system of electronic indication An-148

Electronic information indication system in An-148 has five displays (two combined aeronavigation displays, two multifunction displays and complex display of systems and alarm), two control panels, two devices for controlling cursor and two computational units (Fig. 162 ).

Fig. 162. Construction of EIS An-148

Reliability of the system is achieved by reserving calculator unit and the ability to change the information which displayed on different displays.

Fig. 163. United aeronautical display

On the united aeronautical display (Fig. 163) is given information about:

  • Spatial location of Aircraft in the space (angles: roll, pitch, rate);
  • Indicated and vertical speed;
  • Absolute and relative height;
  • Modes of automatic piloting;
  • Air situation around Aircraft by system TCAS;
  • Alarm.

Conditionally information on aeronautical display is divided into two zones: the upper part - piloting and bottom - navigation.

Multifunctional display is designed to:

  • Displays navigation information from Flight management system, meteo-radiolocation information from WR, warning information from TAWS and TCAS, television information from cameras placed on board of Aircraft, and information from different databases;
  • Displays information about the state of general Aircraft’s systems.

Complex display systems and alarm (Fig. 164) shows:

  • Information from general Aircraft’s systems;
  • Alarm text messages;
  • Text suggestions for pilot.

Fig. 164. The complex display systems and alarm
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