Chapter 11. Displays

11.1. Aircraft cockpit instruments

The main information needed to pilot the aircraft is indicated on the cockpit due to big number of various devices, electronic indicators.

Since the time of aviation beginning and for he relatively long time the indication of flight information was done by means of elctromechanical devices. Now the most widespread systems are the electronic ones. The indicators are placed in cockpit in a way that the abgle of sight fron the pilot seat for the navigation equipment would ve 25°, for other devices it is 35°, for the emergency light indicators – 30° and other ligh signalizators - 40°.

The placement of devices and their structure varies in different aircraft manifacturers, but T-Shape location principle os used for the main piloting devices. It consists of two visual lines – vertical. And horizontal [12]. Along the horizontal line the devices indicating the flight parameters in longitudinal and vertical planes are put. On the vertical plane the device that indicate flight parameters relative to the horizontal plane are installed. The aviahorizon is located in the cross section of those devices, the windspeed and Mach number indicators are on the left, and altimeter, variometer, and TCAS display are on the right, and thr combined devices that show the route trajectory is located on bottom.

This grouping of devices allows the pilot to determine the maim flight parameters by a swift glance on horizontal and vertical planes.

The Electronic Instrument System – EIS is installed on modern aircraft.

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I Hope in future I will find time to correct mistakes and improve content for new technologies. Now this information is only available in my classes in National Aviation University.
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Hi Sir, I think ur blog is one stop for avionics basics. I'll be glad to see complete details and information regarding IADS( Interactive Architecture Display System) used in aircrafts recently. Thanks
(20th of January, 2016)
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