Chapter 10. Flight management system

10.5. Indication profiles of FMS

One of the most important functions of FMS is the indication of flight and navigation information via system of electronic indication. During the flight pilot needs various flight information, so FMS groups this data according to phase of flight and represents it on both Pilot and navigational displays. Therefore various indication regimes are present in FMS. FMS of different models show the information differently, based on the amount of information stored in database and different functional specifications. Not only the names of flight regimes are different in different models of FMS equipment, but number of indications also varies. Therefore those are the regimes of indications that are used on AIRBUS aircraft, in FMS Thales –

  • Preflight
  • Take off
  • Climb
  • Cruise
  • Descent
  • Approach
  • Done

Fig. 146. Flight management system profiles
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