Chapter 3. General requirements to avionics

3.1. Avionics requirements

Ensuring the safety of air transportations is possible only if guaranteeing reliability of operated aircraft. Flight performance is based on the use of many different systems available on board computer, and their serviceability is the necessary requirement.

In adjusting of ensuring of flight operations on international level are involved the organizations such as ICAO, Eurocontrol, EASA, FAA, ECAC and others. They adopt appropriate regulations, compliance with which is a prerequisite for security flights. In addition, each country on national level adopts its own regulatory documents in the area of ensuring flight operations. Typically, regulatory documents at the national level must meet certain international requirements.

The requirements of these regulations are directly related to the composition of avionics functionality and its location on board PC [57; 78].

The main national documents governing the operation and the presence of certain avionics systems on board computer are Aviation Rules of Ukraine and Norms of airworthiness

Some avionics hardware requirements arise from other regulations that standardize the technical aspects of functioning of modules (dimensions, electrical connections, standards for DDB and many others). One of the main developers organizations of such standards is ARINC.

The development of avionics systems is also inextricably linked to the large number of compliance with requirements, which are imposed by certain specifications and regulatory documents. Compliance with these documents is a necessary requirement in the design and development process of new avionics systems.

The main developers of regulatory documents for the development and design of avionics are:

  • Air Transport Association (Air Transport Association -ATA) [35];
  • Federal Aviation Administration (USA) (Federal Aviation Authority - FAA) [60];
  • European Aviation Safety Organization (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA) [58];
  • Radio Commission for Aeronautics (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics - RTCA) [97];
  • Association of designers moving machines (Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE) [100].

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