Chapter 5. Lights

5.1. Outdoor aircraft lighting

External aircraft lighting equipment assigned lighting space around the aircraft when it is on the ground. For example, during taxiing and takeoff, when the pilot should be clear about where he is and what should be done according to your specific situation. In addition, special aircraft lighting equipment used to illuminate certain parts of the Aircraft, such as for example engine intake keel logo, aircraft number, lights, doors.

Typical aircraft lighting equipment

According to this Aircrafts is usually equipped with lighting equipment:
- aircraft landing lights;
- aircraft navigation lights;
- aircraft Position lights;
- aircraft strobe lights;
- Tail/Rudder
- aircraft Anticollision lights
- Side lights lighting;
- Lights light intake;
- Lighting emblems indicating aircraft belonging particular country;
- Light stabilizer;
- Lighting doors.

Depending on the type of Aircrafts and products outdoor lighting equipment is different.

Outdoor aircraft lighting equipment used to refer to the aircraft in the air or on the ground.

The structure of the aircraft lighting equipment usually consists of three aircraft navigation lights and two aircraft strobe lights.

Aircraft navigation lights are red and green respectively establish at the front ends of the left and right wings. Aeronautical white stir the fire in the rear of the Aircraft. Aircraft navigation lights switched on permanently after glow.

Rotating beacons placed on top of the aircraft and keel below the middle of the plane. They work in two modes - normal and relaxed. In normal mode, they glow white, and relaxed - red.

During the construction of modern outdoor aircraft lighting equipment mainly used LED (Light-emitting diode - LED), which reduces power supply and provides high reliability of the aircraft lighting systems [41; 53; 81]. Example aircraft navigation lights constructed using LED, shown in Fig. 37.

Fig. 37. Aircraft navigation lights [41]

The structure and operation of external aircraft lighting equipment must meet the requirements set out in the following [61]:
- TSO C30c;
- TSO C96a;
- SAE AS 8037;
- SAE AS8017;
- RTCA DO-160B.

Example of outdoor aircraft lighting equipment for AN-148 is shown in Fig. 38.

Fig. 38. Outdoor aircraft lighting equipment of AN-148
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